Saturday, March 6, 2010

Race Day

What it takes to stay warm. Right: run clothes (fleece tights, thermal sweatshirt, under armor, headband, wool socks, gloves, toe warmers, hand warmer). Left: bike clothes (tights, shorts, under armor, sweatshirt, headband, tall wool socks, gloves, toe warmers, hand warmer).
Yesterday I asked Will to pray for me for my race today. My legs were dead and they were moving slowly. He prayed and I raced, finishing as the 4th overall female and 25th overall finisher. I got beat by a 12-year-old girl again, the same one who beat me back in November in Hendersonville. Today was cold, 27* at start, but it really warmed up for my ride later (up to 55*). And it was amazing riding outside, for the first time in 2 months! I did yesterday's ride today, 1:15, so that I can do today's ride tomorrow and ride with Team B.

My legs didn't really warm up at all during the run. My feet were freezing and I wasn't warm until about 20 minutes after the race, when I finally changed into other clothes. Unfortunately This race was not chip-timed and the results won't be up for a few days. I'm glad I started near the front, so my time was probably about 2 seconds off the real time. Also, I forgot to modify my watch to record running stats (it was set on biking), so I missed the first 0.2 miles in the running stats.
  • Lap 1: 5:44 (0.79 miles), 7:16 best (6:18 best), 177 HR (Bike lap: 1:09, 0.17 mi, 99 HR (174 max)
  • Lap 2: 7:12, 0.97 miles, 7:24 pace (6:43 best), 185 HR
  • Lap 3: 7:29, 0.98 miles, 7:37 pace (7:01 best), 190 HR
  • Lap 4: 1:02, 0.15 miles, 7:10 pace (6:46 best), 191 HR
  • Lap 5: 31.92 , 424 feet, 6:38 pace (6:07 best), 195 HR
  • (I'm not sure what was with Laps 4 and 5)
  • Cumulative: 3.1 miles, 23:09
  • Lap 6: 6:50, 0.54 miles, 12:45 pace (7:56 best), 159 HR
I had to keep running/walking a little to get in the required 30 minutes, so I jogged a little and then walked a little. Totals (without the bike lap): 22 minutes, 2.97 miles, 7:24 pace (6:07 best), 357 cal, 185 HR (196 max)

I decided to brace the cold and go out riding. As you saw above, I was well-clothed and kept warm, and it was worth the trouble to get outside for 1:15 (Friday's required ride):
  • 1:13.05, 19.62 miles, 16.1 average (29.1 max), 1094 cal (1:15, 19.82 according to my bike computer), 149 HR (173 max)
I changed my route and plan about 5 minutes into my ride because I noticed that I'd be riding into the wind out and against the wind in. I didn't want to do that, so I changed it up. It was a good ride, out toward Brentwood where I passed some high schoolers promoting a car wash; the girl was trying to get me to get my bike washed and told me that there were some cute guys there...she almost convinced me to go but I kept going and finished my ride strong.

Then it was on to church, where I was reminded that God is my ultimate cheerleader, on the side lines of every race cheering me on. I had just been thinking at the race that it was kind of a bummer and depressing not have anyone there to cheer, but now I can remember I have Someone there on the sidelines watching and encouraging...if only I can remember to listen for His voice!

After church I had to do isos, 10 10 10 EDI, no note saying how many sets. Usually Will tells me to do 2, so I started out with 2 sets for arms and went to 1 set for legs:
  • Wall push up (hands off wall for reps)
  • Curl (20-lb bar)
  • Crate crunch
  • Wall squat
  • Glute ham (reps to arm's length)
  • Lunge (regular--not Russian--reps)
I am currently surrounded by a very loud, busy, new family that had been cooped up in a car all day. They are looking for anybody besides their family and it is rather amusing. They are nice, but I'm ready to get out of here!

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