Thursday, March 18, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Strength and Power

This was my kind of class. Power intervals are so much fun! We started this morning with a 15-minute warm up followed by 10 minutes of aerobic/tempo riding. Then it was on to the fun stuff: a 2-4-6-6-4-2 power pyramid. I have at least HR stats (152 avg, 175 max) for each interval but don't have time to put them in right now. It was a 1:30 ride; each interval had 2 or 4 minutes between them.

Also ran outside in the afternoon, 40-minute run with 6x30sec speed bursts interspersed anywhere as long as there was at least 1 minute between bursts:
  • 40 minutes, 4.67 miles, 8:34 pace (5:07 best), 162 HR
  • Bursts were 438 feet, 427 feet, 476 feet, 434 feet, 420 feet, 413 feet
  • They were around 6-min/mile pace
It was kinda slow and I was feeling the power intervals from the morning! Then I explored around the Donelson Y campus (15 minutes, 0.83 miles, 85 HR [not sure how accurate this was because I turned my strap around]) and found some horses and a stable. Who knew?

Did a few of my 5-minute isos (push up on knees, curl [8-lb dumbbells], and crate crunch), and I have to finish the rest tomorrow. Then it was off to Anna's for a Mary Kay party with Tabitha, Emily, Kendall, and Kathryn. Fun times hearing about the spring/summer styles!

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