Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tom King Classic

Bagpipes to get the day started
This morning was a race, the Gupton Dodge Tom King 5K and Half Marathon. Cali and I had talked about deciding this morning which to run, but since she is out of town and wasn't going to be doing the race, I registered earlier this week for the 5K. I was glad I did only that, especially since it ended up being significantly colder this morning than the rest of the week. Thankfully it wasn't raining, though, so we stayed dry the entire time! My little 12-year-old competitor wasn't in this race; instead I had an 11-year-old in front of me who I was trying to beat. Mission accomplished! I ended up as the 10th female, 3rd in my age group. Stats forthcoming when they post everything online, but the final stats will not match what's on my watch (probably 23:48 vs. 23:17).

This room is nice!
The organizers of this race do a great job with it. After we finished, they started a few of the half marathoners, then had a mayors 3K healthy walk, then started the wheelchair half marathoner, and finally let everyone go. There were 1,100 preregistered half marathoners and 500+ preregistered 5K runners, so there was a good amount of competition out there. They keep everyone in line, and then they feed us well at the end. We all head up to the rich peoples' club room to breakfast on eggs, biscuits, hash browns, and crescent rolls. The only thing lacking: sausage or bacon.

Age group awardthe biggest mug ever!
The Titans cheerleaders were on hand to give out medals to the half marathon finishers. It was only appropriate, since we were at their stadium. Of course, if the Titans players were there that would have been better!

Titans Cheerleaders
  • 23:17 total
  • 3 of 46 in age group
  • 10 of 239 females
  • 47 of 430 total runners
I had taken my bike and trainer with me and planned to ride before the awards ceremony. However, I forgot my shoes and thus didn't get in the 1:15 ride. Spending the afternoon with Luke and Lauren instead! I did get the required isos workout in tho. 3×30seconds heavy:
  • Scap pull up (no additional weight)
  • Push up on feet (45-lb plate; on knees after the first second or two)
  • Preacher curl (not sure; light bar with a 10-lb plate on each side)
  • Crate crunch (45-lb plate)
  • Lunge (45-lb bar between legs)
  • 1-leg squat (I hate this one and skipped it)
  • Glute ham from top (25-lb plate)
  • Glute ham at bottom
  • Standing ham (25-lb plate)

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