Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Not Even a Dude!

That's what some girl yelled at her dog (who barked and lunged at me) while I was running today. It was rather amusing, mainly because the dog was on a leash. She apologized for her dog's actions when I ran past her again.

Today is spring break for some schools, so that meant no CompuTrainer class. I do best when I stick with a schedule, tho, so instead of sleeping in I got up early, headed to BFY, and did 2 sets of 6-6-6 EDI:
  • Lunge with RL, rest/recover between legs: 6 RL, 6 reg, 6 RL, rest, all 18 reg. My quads just are not cooperating!
  • Glute ham, reps to the top: first 18 to top, second 18 to arm's length. The setup here just isn't conducive to reps to the top—I really need to find a facility with a glute ham stand!
  • Squat with stick: I did not go all the way down for the hold or the reps, but I did regular squat as prescribed, not wall squat like I wanted to do.
  • Bench press: 30-lb bar
  • Curl with rebound reps: 10-or-so-pound bar
  • Plate front delt: 10-lb plate
  • Crate crunch
It turns out I had an audience. Charlie was there watching me while I was doing the glute ham ones, and then he tried to show me a glute stretch, thinking it might be better than what I was doing. Since the point is kind of dynamic work, I said thanks and moved on. Then a woman later asked me about "those lunges" I was doing, saying she could never do them. I assured her they take a lot of practice but that she too could do them. Unfortunately she didn't look convinced.

I went back to DHY for a lunchtime run on the path. I went the opposite direction at the fork and challenged myself with a couple big hills. The reward: Running along the river. It was beautiful. And slow. I finished just 4 miles in the 35 minutes.
  • 38 minutes, 4.15 miles, 9:09 pace (6:41 best), 494 cal, 162 HR (232 max—not quite!)
  • Up the front side of the big hill: 2:24, 0.23 mi, 10:27 pace, 167 HR
  • Down the back side of same: 1:45, 0.22 miles, 8:05 pace, 163 HR
  • Up the back side of same hill: 2:12, 0.21 miles, 10:19 pace, 171 HR
  • Down the front side of same: 1:34, 0.20 miles, 7:49 pace, 170 HR
Definitely a little room for improvement. As is there on my ride, but it felt good and I was happy I didn't have to deal with 100-mph winds! My only excitement was being chased by a dog (if you can call it that, since he had to cross 5 lanes of well-traveled, 45-mph road and by that time I was long gone) and seeing a big hawk up on a telephone wire.
  • 1 hour, 18.05 miles, 18mph (31.3 max), 1,090 cal, 148 HR (174 max)
This route was Moores, GGP, Mallory Station, Franklin, Mack Hatcher, Hillsboro, Del Rio (not through the neighborhoods), Cotton, Berry's Chapel, Hillsboro, Spencer Creek, Mack Hatcher, Franklin, Moores, home. I will have to figure out where to add a mile or so when I start riding faster!

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