Friday, March 5, 2010


Today I was very tired. I did not want to train, but I went to the Y after work and because I was there, I had to work. Will's teaching me that if I'm already there, I'd better do the work and do it well. So I swam what I was supposed to have swum:
  • 350 warm up
  • 8x25 drills
  • 6x150@15sec (50 easy/25 hard): 2:21.26, 2:30.03, 2:35.29, 2:27.71, 2:27.97, 2:29.73
  • 6x50@20sec sprint: 40.00, 41.01, 41.17, 43.42, 44.28, 44.65, 42.89 (1 extra)
  • 8x25 kick
  • 350 cool down (I did 300 because of the extra sprint)
I did an extra sprint because I totally lost track of time and distance, and I also totally forgot to swim the last 25 of one of the 150 reps hard because I was trying to do math in my head while swimming.

The next thing on the list was isos: 5 on, 5 off thru 40.
  • One leg squat
  • Glute ham at the bottom
  • Squat with stick
  • Scap pullup
  • Preacher curl
  • Pushup on knees (which I ended up doing on the wall)
My legs were absolutely not working and I could not do squat. I got up to 15 seconds and couldn't do it. I took a few-minutes break and tried again, unsuccessfully. Then I went home, donned compression tights and socks, put my feet up, and put in a movie. Sweet 2 hours doing nothing!

I postponed my ride so that I can ride on Sunday with Team B. Happy day!

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