Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wonderful Team Ride

Today did not disappoint—God blessed us with almost as amazing weather today (sans sun) as we had yesterday. The following picture is the route we took. I'm not happy with the new mapmyride program, so there's no elevation to show and I couldn't incorporate the mileage (36.44 according to the application) into the screen cap, so this is what we have. If anyone knows of a better program/site to use instead, please let me know!

We rode a different route today than we normally do, and it was a great route. There were two additional sprint signs (I'm not sure where the 3rd one was because I totally missed that sprint), which made for a spirited ride . And all the people there made it more exciting (albeit very inconsistent time-wise): Lisa, Lisa, Parri, Catherine, Lee, Jonell, Anna, Valerie, and me from Team B; and Lynn, David, Dave, Andy, Robert, Jason, and Jeremy from various other teams. Stats:

  • 1:43:19, 33 miles, 19.2 avg (prob closer to 20, actually, since I rode until I hit 33 miles) (35 max), 1970 cal, 158 HR (189 max)

Then I had fun working on planning Lauren's birthday party (Amazing-Race themed, and I'm praying for no rain or snow because we'll be all over her neighborhood with fifteen 12-year-old girls!) and making some food for the week—I'm thankful for big pans!

Mmmm...all these veggies and chicken, mixed with rice, made 12 servings, which is 2 weeks' worth of lunches. Hooray!

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