Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Workout, Quick Recap

Valerie, Jonell, and I lifted today. I warmed up on the step mill, and then we did a different workout from normal. Well, it contained most of the same stuff, but it was in a slightly different order and had more than we had been doing. It was better than I'd expected, because I wasn't super happy about lifting.

But, before I started, I had a couple supportive, encouraging words from Coach Will on my voicemail that he'd gotten from the book The Fighter's Mind (what I've read of it has been good, and he's enjoying it, so I'd recommend it):

The body can always do more than the mind thinks it can.

He also reminded me to find what works for me. Because what works for others or what seems totally unconventional might work really well for me. On that note I hit the weights.

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