Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boot Camp

Today was supposed to be my rest day, but it wasn't. I like free things, and something free came along that I couldn't turn down—a boot camp at D1 Sport Training in Franklin. They typically train pro athletes like hockey and football players, but they also have lots of "executives" come in and out. And, periodically they train triathletes. Like back in 2008, maybe, when a group of us went there early mornings twice a week to train with the now well-known (at least for readers of this blog) trainer Will Roberts. I knew he was good and decided to keep training with him. Definitely one of the best decisions I've made in my athletic career; not only has he become a great friend, he has pushed me harder and made me faster than I could've ever done on my own.

They boot camp today was pretty good. There was a group of 24 of us, all ages, both genders, and all levels of athletic ability. Our coach was Sarah, and she did well motivating us. We warmed up for a while, did 6 stations (30 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest, 30 seconds of work, then switch stations; walking lunges, some oblique plank/crunch thing, curls, crunches, kettle bell squats, and rows), pushed a tire or did planks, repeated the stations, and ran a couple laps to cool down. I enjoyed it, it was actually a pretty good rest-day activity, and I signed up to go back for 3 more weeks (all free, of course, and they won't be selling me on an upgrade).

But, the best part of being at D1 was the chance to use a glute ham stand. Will has one in his gym, but since he's in Phoenix and I'm here in the Nashville area, I don't get to use his much. No Y that I've visited in the area has one--the DHY used to have one, but when they leased new equipment last winter they replaced it with other equipment and didn't upgrade the one they had. I was thrilled to be able to use one. Even if the roller pads are huge and not the best according to Will, it's the only one I have access to so I'll take it over nothing! I ran 2 laps, did 1 min at parallel, did 10 reps, then repeated, ending with 2 laps. I will enjoy this change for the next 3 weekends!

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