Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweatfest II

Today's sweatfest at Todd's was another 2.5 hours of suffering. But it was great suffering today, just like last week. I had new goals and numbers to focus on, so I enjoyed it. And we were on a new course that made us feel like we were outside, so that was even more fun.

It was mostly endurance pace, but for the last hour the intensity was a little higher and we did a few sprints—I missed the first one because we didn't know what it looked like on the computer, but I picked it up fast and nailed the second. The third, Valerie led me out for and that was fun. I'd just been thinking about how to practice more race-like sprints, and this was one way. Even though it was simulated and we had no idea who was where and going how fast, it still felt real and made both of us work super hard. The fourth was super short and I wasn't ready for it. But as soon as I saw the rider on the screen go, I reacted and was then happy with myself. I never did get my HR back down to a lower effort level, but I didn't care.

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