Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year--2011!

I have definitely not been good about keeping up with the blog lately. So, I'll just recap the long weekend and hopefully get back on track soon.

We don't get much snow here (though I heard there was a white Christmas), so I usually come up with my own. This year is no different, so here's my living room window:

New Year's Eve was spent with Josh and Anna, and we played games and really enjoyed just relaxing. Then New Year's Day was spent with Aunt Renee and Lauren and the rest of the fam. We de-Christmas-decorated the house, made and ate some good food, watched the Badgers lose the Rose Bowl game, and watched Despicable Me (Lauren's favorite movie).

As far as training, Thursday was Todd's class in the morning and lifting with Valerie in the afternoon (I increased the weight to 40lb per side for the squat and think that I'll stop adding when I get to 45lb per side). Friday was beautiful outside, so Lynn, Kevin, Shawn, Jonell, Anna, and I rode a short 2 hours outside. We got in 30 miles and averaged about 18, which is pretty good considering the wind we had to deal with. Thank you, Shawn and Kevin, for doing most of the pulling!

Saturday I did 6-6-6 EDI, manual holds with Kyle from the Y, then ran a couple miles outside. It was chilly, but it felt great to get outside for even a short run. Sunday I should've ridden outside but did not want to freeze, so I headed back to the Y for some time on the step mill and a 3×30, heavy, workout.

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