Monday, May 3, 2010

Flood Pics II

Downtown Nashville

Opry Mills Mall and Gaylord Opryland Hotel

Mack Hatcher Road with the Harpeth River over it

Softball fields at Fieldstone Farms

Rebel Meadows—this car is parked in the driveway

Hillsboro Road from 5 Points toward Del Rio

City Cemetery looking toward Hillsboro

Downtown Franklin off First Avenue

Today I went out to see the Franklin area. The most ridiculous thing I saw was someone watering his lawn—we got 15 inches of rain! The best and worst things I saw I didn't take pictures of. The back of Cottonwood, near and at the clubhouse, got inundated with water from a river that previously hadn't been visible from the road. At least 50, maybe more, houses were flooded. Awful. But it was amazing to see how much work had been done throughout the day, cleaning out the ruined things and putting things back together. The neighborhood was working as one—people from all throughout were down there helping their friends and those they didn't know. Someone was grilling hot dogs. People were talking, helping, supporting. I'm amazed at how tragedy unites.

Here are a few more pics. Nothing like the quality you might find on the Tennessean's website, but it's what I saw. Rebel Meadows and the back of Cottonwood were greatly flooded, the Hunters Bend area of Fieldstone Farms was bad, and a few blocks off the downtown area was under water as well. It was amazing to see everyone out helping their neighbors in Cottonwood—tragedy brings people together in unbelievable ways!

I had originally intended to run, but I changed my mind and decided to ride. I'm glad I did because it ended up being about a 25-mile trip (1:33, 23.47 mi, 15.1 avg, 1,263 cal, 126 HR).

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