Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memphis in May Sprint

Today's race was a good one. I went out with the intention of giving everything I had on the bike, and that's exactly what I did. I'm pretty happy with my 1:09:55 finish, too. That was good enough for 8 of 20 in my age group, 24 of 120 females, and 102 of 350 overall. If only I could have picked up the pace on the second mile of the run.

Hopefully I'll have even better results to post tomorrow. Who know that this age group I'm in would be so competitive! There are 69 preregistered in my AG tomorrow, and the 7 who beat me today are in it tomorrow, too. So now I know who I'll have to beat, and I'll actually start with them (at the very end of the line) so I'll know where they are. They didn't have me registered for today's race and gave me a random number. It put me up with the 30-34 women, meaning I started at 162 instead of 315 or something. Way better to have lots behind and a few in front. Tomorrow's goal: have the fastest bike split of the women in my AG. Today I was at 35:16, 5th fastest in AG, and 1:16 behind the girl who won. Definitely doable for tomorrow's race.

A few notes from today:
  • The run was a cross-country course. Big surprise to everyone.
  • My swim was OK for me.
  • I went all out on the bike. I knew it would be fast, and it was.
  • I did not drink enough—only half of my bottle of water on the ride and about 4oz Gatorade 2 miles into the *run; now I have a headache.
  • I got in the water to swim a very little bit before the race started. That actually felt good.
  • The wet suit stayed dry because the water temp was so close to 78* that I didn't want to have to deal with it in transition. I don't think it hurt me any.
  • My time was 10 minutes behind the woman who won (59 minutes) and 7:24 behind the girl who won my AG.
  • I met O.J., a guy from Nashville, in transition because I'd set my bike up next to his. Small world.
Softball is on TV and has been so much fun to watch! I only wish I didn't have to be inside to enjoy it.

(*Not tagged as a 5K because the run was short.)

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