Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long Run

I felt great today and went on an 11-mile run. A ride was also supposed to have happened, but due to the rain and my desire to not ride on the trainer, I did not do it. The first 10K (after a 4-minute warmup) was 50:57. Not too shabby considering the hilly route, but not too stellar, either. Pretty mediocre, which is where I've been lately. However, today was more victorious than probably every other day over the last 3 weeks--not that I was victorious, but that I finally relented in trying to do it myself and just asked God to fight for me. He did, my attitude improved, and I went out and ran just because I could, because He's given me the ability, He's given me the desire, and He loves me. I felt better today than I have in a long time.

  • 1:33:28, 10.86 miles, 8:35 pace (6:40 best), 153 HR (184 max), 1295 cal
  • Aid station after 56:08, 6.6 miles, 797 cal (1 gu; they're easy to carry but it immediately gave me a sugar headache and caused me to feel like I had to go to the bathroom)
  • Aid station again at 1:10:11, 8.2 miles (bathroom; I wanted water but the bubbler was out of commission at Aspen Grove Park. I wished later I'd run the path, because evidently it's pretty messed up from the flooding two weeks ago)
The 0.54 miles up Moores Lane was tough and slow--5:35 time, 10:16 pace. But I did not walk at all during the 11 miles except at the aid stations, and that was 1:17 at the first and about 30 seconds at the second. See? Victory. Probably the best part, besides the peace that I felt, was seeing the Marrerros about 2 miles into the run and hearing Dawson say, "Hi, Miss Kailin!" That carried me about 9 miles :-)

After that, I went to the Y for 10×10seconds (manual holds), 2 sets:
  • Lunge (R, L) with a few RLs
  • GHR with reps to top
  • Push up
  • Altitude drop curl
Will was home for a few hours and came over Friday. His advice, as always, was exactly what I needed to hear: God can help you change your attitude, and that, quickly. It's not at all about performance, but rather grace. (If it were about performance, we'd all fail. But since it's about grace, we can only succeed because Jesus has already paid for us, paid the penalty for our sins by dying on the cross. Let that be enough.) And the best things he told me: "You're in phenomenal physical shape. You can go out there and run hard and fast and win. You should think that every time." I spent a lot of time Saturday praying and thinking and writing and reading the Word and trying to listen. My attitude was better and stronger by Saturday afternoon, and I will have to continue to remember to ask God to fight for me, to ask Him to not let me be put to shame. I am so glad He loves me, and eternally grateful that through Jesus He's given me eternal life with Him.

For to me, to live is Christ, but to die is gain!

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