Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Best Ride Yet!

Though similar to last week's ride, today's was slightly different: There were no smokestacks at the end. That meant that something had to change at the factory, so Todd added another building. After the warm up, we had the following:
  • A factory (3 minutes at 92%, 1 minute at 100%, 4 minutes at 92%, 1 minute at 100%, 3 minutes at 92%)
  • A penthouse (4 minutes at 92%, 4 minutes at 100%, 4 minutes at 92%)
  • A factory
  • A penthouse.
Last week I had a great ride physically but nearly fell apart mentally. This week I stayed together physically and mentally and put together a fantastic ride.

At the 1-h mark on the computer, I'd already done 24.75 miles—definitely one of my highest averages to date. I know having worked on my attitude over the weekend and remembering every morning that it is God who gives me strength helped this morning. And something else helped: I took Tuesday's class instead of Thursday's class and was in the class with Parri, Cali, and Jonell. I had people to race against, people to compete with, strong women to push me. It worked.

I did hit a wall at 5 minutes into the last 12-minute interval; I rode into the wall for a minute, and for 2 minutes I lowered my watts from 212 to 187. When we went down from 100% to 92% for the last 4 minutes, I raised the watts again. I didn't want to have to lower them, but I couldn't keep my cadence up and really wanted to finish strong. I felt great, loved every minute of being on the bike (a huge improvement over last week), and am definitely ready for this weekend's races!

I managed 31+ miles, burned about 860 calories, rode for 1:36 (1:20 and mileage were computed; extra mileage and time weren't), 153 HR (184 max), and had fun. I didn't quite make the 1:45 required (2×18min@10min threshold), but I'd say this equals if not surpasses that!

3×30sec heavy isos rounded out the workouts for the day:
  • Lunge, 45-lb bar + 15lb on each side (+20lb from last time!)
  • Glute ham from 60*, 25-lb plate (really had to focus on glutes rather than lower back)
  • Glute ham from bottom
  • Standing ham, 25-lb plate
  • Push up, 25-lb plate
  • Curl, 15-lb dumbbells (not my max)
  • Scap pull up, no weight
  • Crate crunch, 25-lb plate
A little chat with Clint and another guy (who of course wanted to know what I was doing during the pull up), off to Mexicali Grill with Lisa, York, Larry, and 2 other guys whose names I have forgotten, a great talk with Will (who gave me an excellent idea for another goal—it's one that will challenge me every day and throughout the entire season and one that I can attain), a quick chat with Anna, and to bed super late for me. Well worth missing a little sleep!

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