Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paths at the Donelson Y

I finally got a chance to run the paths behind the Donelson Y. Although mostly clear, There were a few parts that still have evidence of the flood. One place about half a mile in had mini sinkholes that were unavoidable but passable. On my way back in from the dam, I tried to go down a little hill where the path runs right next to the river. Though I don't think it was still flooded, it was a mess and I made it 10 feet before turning around and taking the high path. Out the other way, I saw more of the river than I've ever seen there, and it had a pretty strong current since they were letting a lot more water than normal over the dam, but it was clear (and hilly!)

As far as threshold goes, this was definitely an HR threshold run (50 min, with 30 min at threshold). Probably not speed threshold, but a good run nonetheless.
  • 48:38, 6 miles, 8:07 pace (5:06 max), 719 cal, 175 HR (186 max)
  • Warm up (from Y to fork in the path): 8:50, 1.06 miles, 8:22 pace, 155 HR
  • Out and back 1 (R to Percy Priest dam): 23:08, 3 miles, 7:43 pace, 179 HR
  • Out and back 2 (L to up hill, 2nd poll down hill): 7:53, 0.95 miles, 8:16 pace, 181 HR
  • Cool down (from fork in the path to Y): 8:46, 1 mile, 8:46 pace, 180 HR

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