Thursday, May 13, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Factories, Penthouse, and Smokestacks

This was exactly the same course as last week only this week I did it all, whereas last week I did a 1-h recovery ride and skipped all the hard work. Today I really thought I'd struggle. The entire class, I was fighting a battle in my mind. I don't know why, don't know what was or is going on, all I know is that my legs were working so I made myself stay on the bike and pedal. And pedal I did, managing 28 miles in the 1:20 the computer was going, burning some 700 calories, and trying to win at least the battle to stay on the bike. I stayed on, keeping my cadence where it was supposed to be. Physically, I was super strong. Mentally, I was super exhausted and frustrated and flustered and every other negative emotion you can think of.

The run was less than stellar in the warm up and cool down, but the intervals were OK. The 3x3min@3min was triple in time but less than half in number of last week's, which meant that 2 of the three were uphill. The downhill one was the fastest!
  • 37:38, 4 miles, 9:25 pace (6:05 best), 454 cal, 166 HR (221 max)
  • 10-min warm up; 1.15 mi, 8:43 pace, 188 HR
  • 0.40, 6:47 best, 177 HR; 0.25, 156 HR
  • 0.40, 6:08 best, 172 HR; 0.24, 153 HR
  • 0.44, 6:11 best, 175 HR; 0.20, 148 HR
  • 9:38 cool down; 0.90 mi, 10:37 pace, 149 HR
Later, I did 5 minutes of work lunge R, L, and standing ham. I'll finish the rest tomorrow.

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