Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Crits #15, 16: Beautiful Night

Start Line

Tonight was an absolutely beautiful night for racing. So race I did! The men's Cat 4 race was first and I lined up with 32 others. My goal was to stay near the front of the pack and see everything that happened. I was in the front 15 or so the entire time until the final 2 laps, when I moved to the back and stayed there.

Moving up...I'm the one with the white stitching on my
shorts--evidently Todd likes that style

This is not my category and I don't need to get mixed up in any sprints or possible crashes, so I don't. Plus I have to race again 5 minutes after this race ends, so it's hard enough just hanging on!

Surrounded by Treehouse guys

But I managed to stay with the field again, same as last week, and we averaged just about as fast (25.4 mph, which would probably have been 25.5 mph if I hadn't moved to the back on those last two laps).

In the middle, right where I wanted to be

The next race was the women's race, and this was a super fun race tonight. Everyone was riding and racing well, and having someone off the front (Leah) just seems to make everything so different. Kiki and I were the only two from Team Belladium, and we did our best to stay with the other big players tonight (Katie, Jess, Kathy, and Marsha, among others).

Morganne, me, Kathy, Marsha, Katie, and Kiki

Leah went for a prime and stayed away, and although we chased for a while we weren't really committed to catching her. I tried to bridge up once but Katie was with me on my wheel, and I didn't want to pull her up to her teammate. So I sat up and stayed with the group the rest of the time. With one lap to go Katie and I attacked at the same time and created a little gap between us and field, so we got to sprint it out. She was in the front most of that last lap; there were at least 2 times where I knew I could pass her, but I decided I wanted to wait it out until the final straight (maybe 200m?) and sprint it out that way.

Jess, Morganne, me, Katie, Marsha, Kiki, and Stephanie

She was ahead of me around the last corner and I couldn't catch her, but it was fun to try! She finished less than a bike length ahead of me, so I did make up some ground on her in that last stretch. Leah stayed away the whole time, so I finished 3rd of 14 and surprisingly not as exhausted as I'd expected. However, now that I am home and getting ready for bed I realize just how tired my legs and mind are!

Crit Stats (since I started racing the men's races first)
7-21-12 Crit 1M stats: 16.85 miles, 38:41, 26.1 mph, 183 bpm (Sat)
7-21-12 Crit 2W stats: 14.24 miles, 37:58, 22.5 mph, 178 bpm (Sat)
7-25-12 Crit 1M stats: 7.94 miles, 20:11, 23.2 mph, 181 bpm (Wed)
7-25-12 Crit 2W stats: 10.72 miles, 28:09, 22.9 mph, 187 bpm (Wed)
7-28-12 Crit 1M stats: 16.18 miles, 39:11, 24.8 mph, 180 bpm (Sat)
7-28-12 Crit 2W stats: 14.21 miles, 39:16, 21.6 mph, 174 bpm (Sat)
8-08-12 Crit 1M stats: 10.34 miles, 24:22, 25.5 mph, 183 bpm (Wed)
8-08-12 Crit 2W stats: 9.73 miles, 24:29, 23.8 mph, 184 bpm (Wed)
8-15-12 Crit 1M stats: 10.42 miles, 24:37, 25.4 mph, 185 bpm (Wed)
8-15-12 Crit 2W stats: 9.70 miles, 25:07, 23.2 mph, 187 bpm

Women's Crit Stats
8-15-12 Stats: 25:07, 9.70 miles, 23.2 mph, 187 bpm, 3rd of 14
8-08-12 Stats: 24:29, 9.73 miles, 23.8 mph, 184 bpm, 3rd of 22
7-28-12 Stats: 39:16, 14.21 miles, 21.6 mph, 174 bpm, 8th of 11
7-25-12 Stats: 28:09, 10.72 miles, 22.9 mph, 187 bpm, 2nd of 11
7-21-12 Stats: 37:58, 14.24 miles, 22.5 mph, 178 bpm, 3rd of 11
7-18-12 Stats: 30:04, 11.29 miles, 22.5 mph, 179 bpm; 5th of 15
6-20-12 Stats: 30:06, 11.21 miles, 22.3 mph, 185 bpm; 6th of 16 (no post)
6-16-12 Stats: 40:18, 15.36 miles, 22.9 mph, 186 bpm; 1st of 14
6-13-12 Stats: 29:40, 11.37 miles, 23.0 mph, 187 bpm; 4th of 23
5-30-12 Stats: don't have them; 3rd of 21
5-23-12 Stats:  31:08, 11.63 miles, 22.4 mph (31.1 max); 3rd of 12

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