Thursday, May 24, 2012

NC.Com Crit #1 and Publix Trip

Cali's baby shower, Bricks Cafe, Brentwood
Catherine and Madi, Valerie, Anna, Shelly, Kat, me, Cali, Lee, and Parri

Today was the first criterium race of the Crit Series. Valerie and I were the only 2 from Team Belladium out racing, but we had a blast. SVMIC had 6 women (Jes, Kathy, Katie, Sandra, Leah, and Tami) and Treehouse had 4 women (Amanda, Marsha, and Alli), so we had 12 women for this first race...a great number for a week night and some good competition.

A few laps into the 30-minute crit, Jes attacked. AJ and Kathy went with her, and although I was ready, I was slightly blocked in and couldn't get up there with them immediately. As soon as I was able to, though (really only a couple seconds later), I bridged up and the 4 of us ended up staying away for the remainder of the race (the attack was no later than 8 minutes in) and lapping the field. AJ wanted to get away from at least one of the SVMIC girls, and I would have supported her had my hand and feet wanted to play along also. Unfortunately, both feet and my right hand were feeling/going numb (Valerie called it "bike palsy" afterward). I sometimes get this when it's cold outside just because I'm cold, but it was 85* today, so that wasn't it. Instead, it was probably just that I didn't change my hand position much (in the drops the whole time); by the final few laps, I couldn't even tell whether I was shifting/touching the shifters with my fingers. It's hard to feel in control when you can't feel your hand.

I ended up in 3rd to Jes and Kathy; I edged Amanda at the line. Hopefully next week will go better and I will remember to move my hands around a little.

Stats: 31:08, 11.63 miles, 22.4 mph (31.1 max)

After watching Todd race (which he hasn't done in the few years I've known him, I think!), I headed to Publix because I had Qs expiring before the weekend and won't have another chance to get there before then. This was a good trip in terms of savings.

Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Yakisoba entrees (2)0.99
--2 × $0.50/1 MQ
Blue Diamond
almond milk
Morningstar entrees (2)4.39
2 × $1/1 MQ$2.39
Sabra hummus (2)3.99
2 × $1/1 PQ $1.99
Diet Coke (7)1.59
--7 × free-product
Voskos yogurt (2)1.75
--2 × free-product
Kraft dressing (2)3.29
$1/2 MQ$2.29
Stacy's pita chips (2)3.49
2 × $1/1 MQ
$1/1 CQ
Celery (2)1.49
Breyer's ice cream (2)5.99
2 × $0.50/1 MQ
Publix peanut butter 6.79----$6.79
Totals: 26 items74.06--26.63 in Qs
5.00 from $5/$40
+$3.60 tax
$26.39 total
(saved $47.67/

There are still more awesome deals this week, so I will likely make another run before this sale cycle ends.

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