Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NC.Com Crit #2

Kat, AK (with Porter and Anna), me

Tonight was the second of the criterium series. Because tomorrow is my birthday, I asked my teammates to come out and have fun with me today, and they did. So it was Kat, me, Anna, Catherine, Shelly, and Valerie who all got to race together, and Parri and Cali were there cheering. Awesome!

We had a few more primes (intermediate-sprint prizes) tonight, so they called one for the first lap. Kat was the first off the line and went hard, and AJ and I went with her. I ended up getting the prime, and the 3 of us created a gap from the rest of the field and stayed away. Kat is super fast, and my legs weren't feeling too spunky, so I dropped off after about 5 laps and stayed by myself until Katie caught me.

Katie and me mid-race, with Cali in the background
I love our kits and our cheering squad!

We rode together for the rest of the race, with Katie doing the brunt of the work (pulling 3 laps to my 1, approximately). I didn't want to catch Kat if Katie and I were together, and Katie wanted to stay away from the rest of the group, so I gave her a break every once in a while and we both made sure we wouldn't get caught. We didn't, and I outsprinted her (since she'd been doing all the work) for 3rd place. AJ beat Kat to the line, so Team Belladium ended up 2nd and 3rd, 6th and 7th, and 11th and 12th. Pretty good night, especially considering that there were 21 women for the 30-minute race!

Then we all headed to Rose Pepper's Cantina to celebrate mine and Catherine's birthdays with some Mexican food and Parri's baked goods. Yum!

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