Saturday, May 12, 2012

Berry Peddler RR

In Chattanooga

Anna, Val, Shelly, and I headed to Dayton, TN, for the Berry Peddler Road Race and Time Trial. The RR was first, and it was 32 miles with a 4.5-mile climb beginning around mile 7. I was hoping to be able to start the climb before the rest of the group list I had last week in the Highland Rim RR. However, that did not happen, since Amy, Pam, and Jes wouldn’t let me get away. They would, however, let Shelly get away, so she did with Jenny and Alison (from Mystique). I was still with the group when we started the climb, but I couldn’t stay with them long. I didn’t have to do the entire climb by myself, though; I caught Shelly eventually, and I was with or slightly behind another girl until the top. However, at the top, she and I weren’t going the same pace and I didn’t have the patience to wait for her.


I ended up riding around 15 miles by myself after I left that girl and before I got caught by a few of the Masters and Cat 5 men. I stayed with those guys for the final 4 miles and was really happy to have the company. Also, the final 3.5 miles of the RR were the same as the TT, so I got to check out that course before we raced on it a few hours later. I didn’t lose or gain any positions in the RR after the climb and ended up 13/18 total women, 8/9 Cat 3 women. I need a race that doesn’t include a 2- to 4-mile climb so I have a chance at finishing with a group.


We had about 2 hours between our RR finish and our TT start, basically enough time to get food and drive back to the TT start place. My legs were exhausted, and my results show it. The TT was only 7 miles, 3.5 miles out and back, and it seemed to take me forever. I got passed the first time, by Shannon, 5 minutes in. I got passed again, by Jenny, just before the turnaround but passed her back immediately after the turnaround. She passed me for the final time shortly after, and Anna passed me as well. I didn’t even have enough to match the pace of any of the three of them, and I had no chance at passing the two who had started before me. Amy, who won, finished in about 18 minutes. I finished in almost 21 minutes; yes, I really was crawling.


RR Stats: 31.26 miles, 1:50, 17.1 mph (36.3 max), 169 bpm (192 max), 3643’ ascent, 2487’ descent
TT Stats: 7.05 miles, 20:56, 20.1 mph (30.3 max), 164 bpm (180 max), 342’ ascent, 386’ descent

On our way home, we stopped in Chattanooga for some ice cream, which we justified by walking across their pedestrian bridge over the Tennessee River.


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