Friday, June 8, 2012


Birthday presents from Mom!

I haven't updated in a while because I haven't raced in a while and I've been too busy (or not committed) to update every day. I've had a birthday, hiked, played softball, ridden my bike, trained a lot, worked, eaten, enjoyed the sunshine, watched the sun rise, watched the sun set, went to a cookout, read, slept, "recycled," and done a bunch more since I last updated. Will has me on a 3-week program that was very hard last week and will be more of the same this week. Although it is hard, it is making me faster and stronger and I like that.

This morning I rode a little before work, just because it was so nice outside and I woke up before my alarm.

Friday morning ride

Tomorrow I have a 5-mile running race (Race for One Less) that will no doubt be fun and hard. Looking forward to seeing results from the past week of training!

Sunset after Inversion...
This has been an awesome teaching series so far!

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