Sunday, June 10, 2012

Herb Garden

Everything you need for an herb garden.
Besides water, that is.

Today I got in a good ride with my Team Belladium sistas (42 miles total), did another workout that was GREAT—one of the best for me for the exercises I had to do (altitude drop legs, standing ham, altitude drop plate front delt, and Russian twists)—and planted an herb garden. Is it too soon to expect them to be growing already?

Can't see any growth yet...then again, it's only been 10 minutes

Sunday route
Flat tire (Val) at the red circle
Sprint #1 at the full green S (I won)
Sprint #2 at the half green S (Todd won)

Yesterday I did a 5-mile race in Smyrna, the Race for One Less. Not my best, not my worst 5-mile showing. Official results have me at 40:32 and 1st in my age group (6th female and 20th overall of the 12 25-29ers/73 females/145 runners). I stopped at mile 2 for about a minute to stretch, and I stopped again around mile 3 to do 10 jumping jacks because someone said to. :-) Actually it was one of the "cardio stations" they had set up around the course; I was expecting a second, but this was the only one. Nonetheless, minus the stops, I ran under 8-minute miles, and without much running, I'm pretty happy. The first mile was 6:59, the second was 7:30, and it obviously went up from there.

This is a crappy reader pic that belongs on
SR's blog. Sad, sad picture.

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