Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tour of America's Dairyland VII: Sheboygan Crit

This elevation is nothing. 2.5 feet? Can't even feel it!

Thursday Crit: Sheboygan

Today's race was my final race of the ToAD series, and it was a 40-minute crit in Sheboygan. There were 37 women on the line, and this was a fast, flat course. It was different than what was in the race bible, but I didn't mind much—this would be a good course for me. On the 2nd or so lap, I went off the front to see whether I could stay away. I did, for about 4–6 laps, but then the field caught me and I sat in for most of the rest of the race.


With the fam after the race:
Grandpa Bob and Grandma Rita; Gramps and Grandma June;
Calvin, Bradley, and me

Photos here

On the last lap, I attacked halfway around, determined to stay away. I did, and won the race. Winning feels so good! Both sets of my grandparents were there, and my grandma's daughter and her two sons were there—so I had quite the cheering squad and loved it! When I started training for this series, I really wanted to win one of the races—when you win a race, you earn a cowprint jersey, a jar of chocolate milk, and a mooing cow toy. This was my race to win, and I won it! Hooray!

Podium: Katherine (2nd), me (1st), Amy (3rd)

So happy about winning!

East Troy (6-22-12) stats: 36:38, 14.4 miles, 23.6 mph, 17/33
Grafton (6-23-12) stats: 42:22, 16.55 miles, 23.4 mph, 7/54
Waukesha (6-24-12) stats: 39:39, 15.05 miles, 22.8 mph, 182 bpm, 12/34
Greenbush (6-25-15) stats: 59:41, 20.01 miles, 20.1 mph, 164 bpm, 2/43
Schlitz Park (6-26-12) stats: 40:32, 13.87 miles, 20.5 mph, 177 bpm, 7/39
Fond du Lac (6-27-12) stats: 1:00:20, 21.3 miles, 21.3 mph, 166 bpm, 4/39
Sheboygan (6-28-12) stats: 36:48, 14.31 miles, 23.3 mph, 184 bpm, 1/37

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