Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tour of America's Dairyland VI: Fond du Lac RR

Wednesday RR: Fond du Lac

Today was the second road race of the series. I didn't think coming into this week that the RRs would be the ones I did best in, but that has so far been the case. Monday in Greenbush, I finished 2nd. Today in Fond du Lac, I finished 4th! The course was slightly easier than Greenbush's course in that there wasn't the climb at mile 4 that Greenbush had, but it was significantly windier, and that definitely played into today's race. There wasn't a good place to get and stay away if you were by yourself. I tried early a couple times and two other girls tried later a couple times, but nothing stuck and we were all together at the finish.

4th place finish

Kat has said in the past that it is much easier to win a race if you've seen and passed the finish line, so you know how it finishes. Today I did not see the finish line before I crossed it, and that affected my finish. I thought the finish line was closer than it was, and I basically led out the 3 who beat me. Bummer. I want one of those cow-spotted jerseys!

I am in this group just not in the pictures. However, I
think it gives a good perspective of this hill!

Hiding and protected in the crowd

East Troy (6-22-12) stats: 36:38, 14.4 miles, 23.6 mph
Grafton (6-23-12) stats: 42:22, 16.55 miles, 23.4 mph
Waukesha (6-24-12) stats: 39:39, 15.05 miles, 22.8 mph, 182 bpm
Greenbush (6-25-15) stats: 59:41, 20.01 miles, 20.1 mph, 164 bpm
Schlitz Park (6-26-12) stats: 40:32, 13.87 miles, 20.5 mph, 177 bpm
Fond du Lac (6-27-12) stats: 1:00:20, 21.3 miles, 21.3 mph, 166 bpm

After the race, I met some friends for lunch. One I'd seen last year, but the others I hadn't seen in probably 5 years. It was a fantastic afternoon, spending time with great friends

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