Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday's D1 Workout

Today's workout was movie-themed, and I really enjoyed it. It varied a lot and was hard but fun.

Warmup jog and plyos
50-yd shuffle/50-yd jog/50-yd shuffle/50-yd back-pedal - 5 burpees with push up - repeat 3 times
Hoosiers: 5-yd shuffle, drop-step, repeat for 50 yds - 20 side leg lifts each side - repeat 3 times
X-Men: 2-minute X-sprints, something else - repeat 3 times
Rocky 4: 6 hill climbs (or stairs if you're me--I couldn't get my left leg to work as hard as my right leg, even if I started with opposite legs each time, so I went with the stairs, which forced me to make each leg work the same), 10 hip-thrusters - repeat 3 times
Miracle: 30-second wall sit with team 25-lb plate pass, 45-second wall sit with team 25-lb plate pass
Glute/ham/abductor/adductor cooldown exercises

The Miracle one was by far my favorite, but I can do a 5-minute wall sit so it was kind of like a rest for me :-)

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