Sunday, January 6, 2013


Me and the present
I opened the Christmas box my mom sent me, and she had written a note that I pulled out first. It said to please take of picture of me with the present before opening it. Done! Then I went to pull out one of the gifts and realized they were all attached as a I had someone else take a picture of me actually wearing the gift, not just holding it in the box :-)

Look - it's a lei! (Homemade by my mom and aunt)

This weekend was great. I'm working on a 30-years birthday project that will take me all year, so I got started on that. I also went to Jen's apt to help her build her TT bike:

Bike in hopefully good working order

Team B got out and rode because it was 50* and December! I was OK until about 2h in, and then the temps started dropping and my fingers started freezing. But I made it the whole time and really enjoyed the ride.

Anna and I started from MFY and met Val, Parri, Cath,
Kat, Shelly, Shannon, and Cali at BFY for our 36-mile route

I also managed to run enough miles this week to get my total to 28 and ride enough to get my total to 141. Good start on my 120mi running and 300mi riding per month!

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