Sunday, January 20, 2013

18 Laps = 1 Mile

Thursday's fun: the carousel at Opry Mills Mall

Monday I went to the BFY to work out after work. I'd wanted to run but didn't want to spend time on the treadmill, so my options were MFY and BFY because they have "tracks." Brentwood is slightly more convenient, so that's where I ended up. I laced up my shoes and headed upstairs, expecting to have to count lots of laps. For some reason, I had in my head that 14 laps was a mile. Much to my surprise (and dismay), 18 laps was a mile. That meant even more counting, turning, leaning, and laps. I started my timer and set off, catching the mile splits on my watch. Mile 1: 7:30. Mile 2: 7:15. Mile 3: 6:55! Hooray for an unplanned tempo run and a 21:41 3-miler (the extra second must have come from the decimals). I finished with a mile cooldown, half in 3:50 and the other half walking (6:20), for a total of 31:51 and 4 miles. Not too shabby!

Then I did a good 5 minutes extreme slow workout--my hips definitely needed something that didn't require running around in circles.

Tuesday's class at T's was much better than last week's, but I had to get off early to make it to work on time and missed a 19-minute tempo block. I had time to stay on for a few more minutes than I did, but I didn't want to get off in the middle of a work set so I didn't do any of it. In the afternoon I went to the DHY, where 20 laps = 1 mile. No, I did not run. But I did do 300 squats, and even without any weight that's a lot of squats!

Wednesday I ran 5 miles at the Cool Springs Y while watching The Flying Scotsman. It was a pretty interesting cycling movie, so I'm glad I'd decided to go into the cardio theater. I few of the miles were running, and a couple were walking at up to 5% incline. I wanted to get in some hills and work out some of the soreness from Tuesday's squat workout.

Thursday all my coworkers and I went over to Opry Mills and had lunch in the food court. Everyone was happy because we all could get what we wanted. Then we all jumped on the merry-go-round and had a fun 3-minute ride. Oh, the little things in life. The afternoon meant a GREAT ride at Todd's and Inversion. I knew from being sore that I'd have to work hard, and the workout did not disappoint. All my big leg muscles were tired, so my little muscles were forced to do their share of the work, and they did. By about 10 minutes into the 90-minute workout, I knew I'd be able to product my best sprint watts yet, so I rode the rest of the workout with that in mind and smile. Sprint watts = 719, 5 more than previously (1-03-13). Success!

At Inversion, Dr. Easley gave an overview of Why We Believe What We Believe, and I can tell this is going to be an informative, interesting series.

Friday I went for a run through Maryland Farms, finding a new path and exploring. Six miles, done.

Saturday I did 6 miles on the elliptical in the morning, rode a good 42 miles in the afternoon with Jes, Kat, Valerie, and Shannon, taught my Pre-K kids that we all can talk to Jesus and show Him that we love Him, and then did another 6 miles on the True elliptical.

Sunday after a 3-mile walk and church I met up with Anna, Parri, Shannon, Kat, Kiki, and Catherine for 38 fun miles:

Week's run miles: 30
Week's bike miles: 155

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