Saturday, February 12, 2011

Predators Fangtastic 5K

The start..complete with Gnash and the Purity chocolate milk bottle

I always look so uncomfortable when I run...

The Predators Fangtastic 5K is one of my favorite races. Not because of the course, because it's pretty hilly; not because of the time of year, because it's usually chilly; but because with your race entry fee, you get a ticket to a Predators game! I don't go to many during the year (typically only this one, actually), but I really enjoy watching hockey games, and this is an excuse to go to a game. Last year, Will went to the game with me, and that was more fun than being solo, especially since he knows hockey so well and could explain things to me that I didn't get or didn't know.
  • Total time: 23:27
Race notes from this year: There were 946 finishers (431 males, 515 females); I was 4th in my AG of 115. I was 16th of the 515 females. I was 79th of the 946 finishers. In 2010, I was 3/174 AG, 14/660 females, 86/1,206 OA. In 2009, I was 3/185 AG, 39/782 females, 161/1,504 OA.

Immediately after finishing and grabbing a bagel, water, and some fruit, I headed back to Franklin for the last of the Resolution Bootcamp sessions at D1 Nashville. Ryan was our coach today, and he worked us a bit harder than Sarah had because we did one round of the stations for reps rather than doing all rounds for time only. We had a smaller group today so it worked well, and part of the group today was Brad and Rebecca, who were on my Fellowship Softball team. It was fun to know and work with other people!

Fellowship Softball Co-Ed Team Back row: Herb, Greg, Brandon, Lindsey, Michele, Brad;
Front row: Kevin, Tara, Jeff, (not sure), Rebecca

We started with a warmup lap with stairs, which I missed because I was a minute late. Then, after a dynamic warmup, with did stations for a minute, abs, stations for 10 reps or 2 times through (based on the station), then abs again. Then we did 3 times 20-yard lunge, 30-yard sprint, 50-yard jog. The stations were feet agility,  kettle bell swings, log lifts (15lb), sprints/push ups, punching bag/burpies, oblique abs (8lb med ball), shoulder press (15lb each), curl (25lb), row (15–25lb), tire/hammer, push up/row (15–20lb). I really enjoyed the good workout.

Lauren and Rachel at the mall

Right after that, I went to pick up Lauren and Rachel from Rachel's house. Then we hung out for the rest of the day, eating lunch at McDougals, stopping at the pet store to play with the rabbits, shopping at the mall so Lauren could spend her birthday gift cards, and painting a mug (Rachel) and bowl (Lauren) at Third Coast Clay. It was a great afternoon, and I had a blast with the girls!

Rachel working on her mug and Lauren working on her bowl

Go Pack!

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