Monday, February 14, 2011

Short Run

Valentines gifts from Mom and Dad

I did not rest today like I thought I was going to. It was amazing at lunch and I just couldn't stay inside. So, I put on my Vibrams (the only shoes I had with me; thank you, Will!) and headed out for 2 whole miles. It was a short run, but I was outside and that was what mattered to me at the point. 2 miles, 15:21 total, from the start of the path to the school and back. 7:53 for mile 1, 7:28 for mile 2. Can you tell which of the out and back is uphill and which is downhill? I know there are some crazy people who can run an entire 5K in 15+ minutes, but I'm definitely not there. Maybe soon I'll get down to 15 for this 2-mile run and then 14 and then go from there, but I do my best every time I'm out there (especially since I don't run too often now that cycling season is about to begin) and enjoy it regardless.

I got my car back today, and my mom gave me some wonderful valentine's presents. I love my parents!

Lots of little treats—measuring cups and spoons, pancake mix, hair stuff, nail polish, body mist, and a stuffed animal :-) Oh, and Reeses Pieces. Yum!!!

And, I got to share a little victory story at FPU tonight—not a victory of my own, but one of God's doing. I am so glad He is in control of everything!

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