Saturday, February 26, 2011

Team Ride

Happy birthday today to my lovely mother! She is the best mom ever :-)

Today was absolutely beautiful (though I was still well-layered), and here's the route I did with a couple other  Team Belladium girls and a few others:

The ride was 3h on the nose (ride time) and almost 52 miles, with 2 stops at the shop to pick up and drop off Kat. Otherwise it was Lisa, me, Kevin, Jon, and Jason. We (by that I mean me since I got dropped when we turned onto Blazer and rode from there to the shop solo) average 17.1, which includes the climb up Lynnwood (the bright red in the route above).

There are some benefits to the new mapmyride, which I still don't like but it does show start, end, and elevation gain/descent, so that's fun information. It even describes the rated climbs (which Lynnwood is, if only cat 5):

                  Distance                                  Elevation                  Grade
Cat    Start          End           Length       Min        Max        Avg.      Max
5       17.89 mi    19.02 mi    1.13 mi     783 ft     1,028 ft    4.1%     --

Start Elev.     Max Elev.     Elev. Gain     Descent
809 ft.          1119.0 ft       1280.0 ft      -1309.0 ft

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