Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweatfest IV

It wasn't supposed to be as nice today as it turned out to be, so I rode inside at Todd's, walked outside, and almost wished I'd waited until later to ride outside with Lisa. However, after talking with Valerie about the ride, I'm glad I didn't decide to do both (though I had considered it)! We did the same course today as I'd done January 15th, but the intensity today was slightly higher and we did 2 solid hours of the ride before changing things up slightly. Shelly, Cali, Mindi, Vicki, Rip, and Wayne were the only ones I knew, but there were at least 4 more in the class enjoying the ride. Here are some stats:

  • Total: 2:46:30, including 1:30 at 1h in for a bathroom break and 2:00 at 2:20 to refill the water bottles and get off the bike for a few minutes; 157 HR (187 max); maybe around 50–55 miles?
  • 14:45 to warm up the trainer; 117 HR
  • 30:00, 160 HR; my legs felt dead here and I kept waiting for Todd to not be busy so I could ask him to lower my intensity level. Then I was glad I didn't because it got much better.
  • 30:30, 161 HR; legs felt so much better this half hour!
  • 26:15, 169 HR; legs still feeling great, sprints coming up—my favorite!
  • 00:54, 181 HR; sprints/attacks 1 and 2, max watts for this were around 500 (at least what I saw); I was trying to watch my and Shelly's numbers and might not have seen the highest numbers; I do know I gut up to at least 41 mph.
  • 5:50, 166 HR; short break to let the HR come down and recovery before the next sprint/attack.
  • 00:41, 179 HR; sprint/attack 3, max watts for this were at least 560; I should've looked at the results after class but forgot; didn't look at max mph.
  • 29:55, 163 HR; last half hour, legs still felt good, but definitely more like the first half hour than the second.
  • 2:00, 134 HR; stretch break.
  • 25:30, 156 HR; time to ride downhill and draft!

Then, of course, it was time to watch the Super Bowl. The Packers did not disappoint, and I enjoyed their win, watching with Farkases, Marables, Schuts, and Valerie (Luke had a roomful of friends too, but they came down only for food).

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