Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blue Lightning's Sad Adventure

Yesterday is past, thankfully. However, today I have to deal with yesterday's drama. My car broke down during the snow storm, and though I made it safely to a gas station, I had to get it towed from there to a shop today because the car is completely undrivable. The left wheel just won't turn with the steering wheel, and that made it very challenging for Roger, the Harpeth Towing driver who so graciously towed me (thank you, AAA, for towing coverage!). There was some serious maneuvering going on with chains, pulleys, and winches, and I had to sit behind the steering wheel to help at least one wheel (the one that would listen to the steering wheel) stay straight so that we could get it on to the truck.

Roger trying to hook up my car; he couldn't get it to go straight and line up with the truck bed, so he had to winch it up

Poor little blue :'( 

After everything that happened yesterday, my crazy long drive over very slippery roads seeing lots of people having hit guard rails, be completely stuck, or abandon their cars, I know that God was protecting me from that. I don't know why, but I'm grateful. And I can honestly say I don't know how I would've made it to the BP had he not been directing my car. With one wheel not reacting and the other sliding on the ice, there's no reason I didn't have to get my car pulled from the ditch (rather than from a safe parking spot in a gas station 1 mile from home) except that God protected me. I am so grateful for His care and protection.

My car is currently at the shop, and I'm sitting here hoping and praying that it's only the tie rod and that it will be quick and cheap to fix. but I really have no idea how something like that breaks (though at least 2 people asked me whether I hit a curb, so I'm guessing that can cause it) nor how it's fixed.

Thank You, God, for protection!

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