Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Worst. Drive. Ever.

Today's drive home from work was a nightmare. Work was fine, I went to DHY at lunch with no problems, then the snow came and 3:40. It came hard and fast, and it froze immediately. Meaning that the roads were pretty much ice. My 20-mile drive from work to home usually takes me 20 minutes since it's nearly all at highway speeds. It's taken me up to an hour before if there are wrecks, but I usually beat the rush and am on the road for no more than 20–30 minutes. Today, on the other hand, was awful. I left work at 4 o'clock along with what seemed like the rest of Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood.

With more people on the road than normal and slick driving conditions, I spent 2:45 on the road and didn't make it home. I have a little hill to drive up to get to my apartment complex, and then immediately in my complex there's a downhill leading to our buildings. I'd already decided to not drive into my complex because I knew if I went in it would be difficult to get out. I pulled into a gas station, and it was like pulling teeth to get my car to move where and how I wanted it to. I thought I was just sliding, but no one else looked like they were struggling as much as I was. I parked and called Dad. And pretty much finally let go of the last 2:45 when I hadn't had time to think of how long this short drive was taking me and how slippery it was and how slick and unsafe it really was.

Dad had pretty much convinced me that it was OK to have been stressed and that it was OK to leave the car and walk home (3/4 mile) and get my car tomorrow, provided it would drive alright. I was so close to home and parked in a safe place (I thought, except that while I was on the phone I nearly got hit by a Mustang), so I gathered up my stuff and set out to walk home. Then I looked back at my car and realized why it really wasn't doing what I told it to do—the driver's side wheel was as it should have been, in line with the steering wheel; the passenger's side wheel, on the other hand, was turned completely to the left as if I'd left my steering wheel turned all the way. I then called Dad back and said, "Dad, there's a major problem here!"

 Driver's side wheel--aligned with the steering wheel

Passenger's side wheel--off on its own, doing its own thing, causing me to slip-slide along

There wasn't anything I could do at the time, so I just left my car and walked home. Dad said it was probably the tie rod and I could wait to call AAA (because they would be super busy today!) until tomorrow. So finally, 3:30 after leaving work, I made it home. And trust me, all I wanted to do was go to sleep, but instead I began my 10×30sec workout, doing what I could while on the phone.
  • Lunge L, R 6×30
  • Standing ham 10×30
  • Push up on the wall 10×30
It still took me forever to settle down, but I finally made it to sleep knowing I wouldn't be going to Todd's class or to work in the morning.

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