Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Target Shopping Trips

It's been a good week to shop at Target. They've had Valentines products on clearance (75% and 90% off), and they have their Boost Kid Essentials on sale. Combined with coupons, the Boost is super cheap, and I've taken advantage of the sale because Boost has been an easy post-ride drink that I can have as is or mix with protein powder easily. In two trips, here's what I got:

  • Boost Kid Essentials (4): $5.99e regular price, $4.99 on sale, –4 Qs (3 $3/1 and 1 BOGO), 5.97 OOP
  • Up and Up ibuprofen (1): $0.99e, -$1Q, $0.01 overage
  • Valentines candy (12): $0.90e, $0.09 on sale, $1.08 OOP
  • Valentines box (with tattoos, the reason I got them!) (1): $2.50e,  $0.25 OOP
  • Mini Valentines muffin cups (1): $1.99e, $0.19 on sale, no Qs, $0.19 OOP
  • Paid $7.48 OOP, saved $33.84, or 82%

I did work out today, doing 24 minutes (the perfect amount of time, I decided, since I need 10 minutes both ways to drive and then have 16 minutes to change/shower/change) on the step mill at lunch and then 5 minutes of work later in the afternoon.

  • Push up (I'll be honest, this was awful and I wanted to quit here. But I've learned that the start of the workout doesn't have to dictate how the finish will be, so I continued.)
  • Curl (15lb)
  • Crunch
  • Lunge L (3:21), R (1:54)
  • Standing ham

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