Saturday, February 4, 2012

Predators Fangtastic 5K

Bib number and my Garmin

This is one of my absolutely favorite races around town. You pay the same price as you would for any other 5K ($35, which is absolutely ridiculously expensive for a 5K) and get a t-shirt (that's always one I'll wear), a voucher for a ticket to a Predators game of your choosing (from the 3 available dates), bagels and fruit from Whole Foods, and today a $25 discount for AdventureWorks and coupons for Whole Foods and other things. It is worth the money for me for the $30 Preds ticket I get out of it; everything else is a fantastic extra.

They changed the course this year, and I really had no idea what to expect time-wise. I thought it would be slightly harder and thus slower, but for me it definitely was not. Hooray! I ran my fastest time in this race by almost 20 seconds, and that is with absolutely no specific speed training; 2010 is probably the year I was most specifically training because Will was here to train me from November–January, and today's time beat that time. Plus I haven't been under 23 minutes since the middle of 2009, which means it's been almost 3 years And I ran pretty consistent, too. Here are my times from previous years compared to this year:

2-04-12: 22:53
2-12-11: 23:27
2-06-10: 23:12
2-14-09: 23:49

Also, it turns out that when I run pretty consistent mile times, I finish well overall and in my age group. Today I was the 16th female of 732 finishers and though the preliminary results list said I finished 5th in my AG, I got a medal for 3rd of 149 because the first two were overall winners; I'm glad I stuck around! This is my first time placing in my AG in this race, and I got a sweet hockey puck medal.

Sweet medal!

Here is the route:

I ended up running a bit before and a bit after the race to get 6.5 miles. I was supposed to run 45 minutes today, so I wanted to get that in all at one time. I headed up Demonbreun again, against the finishing runners but out of there way, and then ran back down with the 4X:xx finishers. It's a whole different world at the back of a race—lots more conversation and walking!

Here are my race stats and my HR data: 3.17 miles, 22:53 (7:23 pace; 5:42 best), ~180 bpm (196 max), 657' ascent, 982' descent.

Here's the data from the 5 miles that included the race and from the 1.25 miles before that; I didn't record the final 0.25 to get me to 6.5 because I was freezing and didn't want to turn my Garmin back on:

5 miles, 42:41, 8:32 pace, 174 bpm (197 max), 1488' ascent, 1734' descent
Mile 1: 7:11
Mile 2: 7:27
Mile 3: 7:10
Mile 3.17: 1:04 (6:27 pace)
Mile 4.17: 11:50
Mile 5: 6:25 (8:36 pace)
1.25 mile warmup: 15:18, 12:11 pace, 93 bpm, 1569; ascent, 1191' descent

Comparison notes:
2012: 1465 finishers (732 females and 733 males); 3/149 in AG; 16/732 females; 97/1465 overall.
2011: 946 finishers (515 females and 431 males); 4/115 in AG; 16/515 females; 79/946 overall.
2010: 1206 finishers (660 females and 546 males); 3/174 in AG; 14/660 females; 86/1,206 overall.
2009: 1504 finishers (782 females and 722 males); 3/185 in AG, 39/782 females; 161/1,504 overall.

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