Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CompuTrainer Class: Maximizing Aerobic Capacity V Fail

Filled with peanut butter. Mmmmmm!
My mom knows me well :-)

Today's was almost the same as last week's classes, but the result was horrible. I was working super hard, way harder than I felt like I should be. It felt like it was taking all my physical and mental strength just to maintain 90+ RPM. Forget getting to 96+ RPM—that just wasn't happening!

^^This is what the ride looked like, and this is what it felt like vv.

This was super hard. My HR was ridiculously high, and I only made it through an hour!


  • Total: 1:25:00, 150 bpm (173 max)
    Total: 1:45:38, 155 bpm (182 max)
    Total: 56:50, 159 bpm (184 max)
  • Warm up: 14:40, 104 bpm
    Warm up: 13:38, 100 bpm
    Warm up: 13:50, 132 bpm
  • Warm up: 16:00, 150 bpm; 4min rest, 143 bpm
    Warm up: 16:00, 146 bpm; 4min rest, 148 bpm
    Warm up: 16:00, 160 bpm; 4min rest, 154 bpm
  • Tempo #1: 20:00, 168 bpm; 3min rest, 156 bpm
    Tempo #1: 20:00, 171 bpm; 3min rest, 163 bpm
    Tempo #1: 20:00, 178 bpm; 3min rest, 168 bpm
  • Tempo #2: 20:00, 165 bpm; 3min rest, 149 bpm
    Tempo #2: 20:00, 171 bpm; 3min rest, 161 bpm
    Tempo #2: skipped
  • Tempo #3: 4:20, 162 bpm
    Tempo #3: 20:00, 175 bpm
    Tempo #3: skipped
  • Cool down: skipped
    Cool down + sprint: 6:00, 143 bpm, 688W
    Cool down: skipped

I was FIGHTING during the entire tempo effort I completed. I knew I'd be fighting through the next two if I did them, and it's not that I didn't want to fight, it's that I didn't want to continue killing myself. The amount of work I was doing was comparable to the TTT: My HR was almost as high as it was for the first test, but there was going to be no reward. There was no way I could have done two more of those efforts, one 5 minutes longer than the other, so I got off the bike and called it a day.

Best decision I made all morning.

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