Friday, February 3, 2012

Long Ride with Kat

I knew I had to get in a good long ride today, because it's going to rain the rest of the weekend and it was pretty amazing outside. So, I emailed Kat around 10 about a 12:30 ride. Thankfully she was free, and we met on the road for what turned out to be for me a 3h, 52-mile ride. Hooray! It was just what I needed. She pushed me to work harder and stay out longer than I'd have done by myself, and she was great company. She is someone I could ride with every week and get stronger every time. I like that! Here is the route I did; I met Kat at Manley and Hidden Valley and said goodbye to her at Old Hillsboro and Del Rio.

Here is the route and my HR data:

Here are my stats from the ride: 3:01:13, 51.59 miles, 17.1 mph (39.6 max), 153 bpm (179 max), 3180' ascent, 3192' descent

Although it was fairly warm, I still got a bit cold about 2 hours in (which is an hour later than normal, so I'll take it). I stopped at the MFY to warm up but not work out. Then I headed home. Much to my surprise, my key would not work in my front door. So, I was locked out of my apartment with my key in my hand. My first thought was that for some reason the maintenance people had changed my locks; why they would have done that, I have no idea, but I wouldn't put it past them to do so and not tell me. However, I have a patio door and a storage room door, and my key, the one I will still holding in my hand, worked in both those doors. Sadly, though, the storage room door doesn't lead inside and the patio door wasn't opening (I haven't tried to open it in the years I've lived there, and it was not opening for anything!). So I had to go down to the office and request that they let me in. Thirty minutes of my sitting outside my door reading (and 10-6-3 EDI lunge) later, Hank finally showed up and spend nearly 30 minutes trying to take off the current deadbolt lock so that he could replace it with a new one.

My job was to hold the flashlight and watch

He said mine wasn't the only apartment he had to break into; he was off to let the second person in her apartment, and I felt bad she had to wait for so long!

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