Sunday, February 5, 2012

Team Ride

The rain that had been predicted to fall today never came, and that meant that we were able to get in a good team ride. We met at the BFY and rode southwest, basically into my backyard. I love riding from my house to ride starts and riding on roads that I know, and surprisingly, even after yesterday's 5K race, my legs were feeling good and I was riding well—which means, I got every sprint! It helps that I know where all the sprint signs are and I didn't always have someone racing me, but I pretended someone was on my wheel so that I would work harder.

Usually when I go for sprints I don't have too much left to actually pull during the rest of the ride, but today was different and I'd have done a fair amount of work if Parri and Kat had ever gotten off the front of the pack (there were 9 of us: Parri, Kat, Jeremy, Todd, Valerie, Anna, Catherine, Shelly, and me); those two, Jeremy, and Todd did the lion's share of the work.

Here is the route. I rode for 2:17:50, of which 19 minutes were from my apt to the BFY and about 4 were from the corner of Franklin/Moores back to my apt. It took me approximately 8:20 to climb Lynnwood (mile 39).

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