Monday, February 27, 2012

Good Rules

One of my rules for myself is that if it is above 50* and sunny outside, I can disregard whatever workout I was supposed to have done and run at the Donelson Y. Today was absolutely amazing outside, nearly 70* and beautifully sunny at noon, so I skipped/postponed my swim and ran 5 miles. As I mentioned Saturday, I've been spending a lot more time on the step mill than outside or than on the treadmill, and I've not really known whether it was keeping me in decent running shape. Today's run showed me that other than the blisters I'll get on my feet when I run if I forget vaseline, I'll still be able to run pretty consistently between 7:30 and 8:20 (depending on the terrain) and feel great. Not the 7s I'd really like to be at, but considering I'm not training for anything specific other than bike racing, I'll take 8s for now!

I ran the trails behind the DHY, doing an out, two out-and-backs, and a back for 5 miles of running and 0.5 miles of walking/enjoying the sunshine. My mile times were 8:08 (including walking to the trail head), 8:00 (including a turnaround), 7:39, 7:38 (including a turnaround), and 8:22 (including the only 3 hills in the route, which had been broken up in the previous miles); total time; 39:47.

Before work I managed 10×10sec lunge (R,L) and finished the rest of the workout (lunge, glute ham/standing ham, bench, curl, crunch) later.

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