Thursday, February 23, 2012

CompuTrainer Class: Maximizing Aerobic Capacity VIII

During the work day, I managed 7 minutes of work for standing ham and push up. Wall sit and curl were also on the list, but I think that squats are contributing to my leg tiredness and I forgot about curl. So I did only those two, but it's better than nothing!

Today's workout felt just about the same as Tuesday's, but I was in a slightly harder gear an thus got in more miles. Tuesday, I felt like after 1:22 I was really just hanging on--I was trying to stay at or above 90 RPM and it was the feeling where, if I were on the road, I could have been just off the back of the pack at any second. Today, I didn't get that feeling until 1:24:30, and even then, it wasn't quite the same feeling; if I were on the road, I might have had 2 or three people behind me and I would not have been at the back of the pack.

So I guess I'd consider this series a success. Even though I struggled mightily through it, it has definitely gotten me into better shape physically and forced me to approach these workouts with a different mentality.

^^This is basically what the ride looked like, and this is how it went vv.

1-31-12. 2-02-122-07-122-09-122-14-122-16-122-21-12. 2-23-12.

  • Total: 1:25:00, 150 bpm (173 max)
    Total: 1:45:38, 155 bpm (182 max)
    Total: 56:50, 159 bpm (184 max)
    Total: 1:33:00, no HR data
    Total: 1:45:00, 160 bpm (179 max)
    Total: 1:43:00, 162 bpm (178 max)
  • Warm up: 14:40, 104 bpm
    Warm up: 13:38, 100 bpm
    Warm up: 13:50, 132 bpm
    No warm up
    Warm up: 12:35, 118 bpm
    Warm up: 8:25, 115 bpm
  • Warm up: 16:00, 150 bpm; 4min rest, 143 bpm
    Warm up: 16:00, 146 bpm; 4min rest, 148 bpm
    Warm up: 16:00, 160 bpm; 4min rest, 154 bpm
    Warm up: 16:00; 4min rest
    Warm up: 12:00, 153 bpm; 4min rest, 145 bpm
    Warm up: 12:00, 153 bpm; 4min rest, 142 bpm
  • Tempo #1: 20:00, 168 bpm; 3min rest, 156 bpm
    Tempo #1: 20:00, 171 bpm; 3min rest, 163 bpm
    Tempo #1: 20:00, 178 bpm; 3min rest, 168 bpm
    Tempo #1: 20:00; 3min rest
    Tempo #1: 25:00, 170 bpm; 3min rest, 159 bpm
    Tempo #1: 25:00, 172 bpm; 3min rest, 158 bpm
  • Tempo #2: 20:00, 165 bpm; 3min rest, 149 bpm
    Tempo #2: 20:00, 171 bpm; 3min rest, 161 bpm
    Tempo #2: skipped
    Tempo #2: 20:00; 3min rest
    Tempo #2: 20:00, 170 bpm; 3min rest, 158 bpm
    Tempo #2: 20:00, 171 bpm; 3min rest, 150 bpm
  • Tempo #3: 4:20, 162 bpm
    Tempo #3: 20:00, 175 bpm
    Tempo #3: skipped
    Tempo #3: 25:00
    Tempo #3: 25:00, 174 bpm
    Tempo #3: 25:00, 173 bpm
  • Cool down: skipped
    Cool down + sprint: 6:00, 143 bpm, 688W
    Cool down: skipped
    Cool down: 4min
    Cool down: 1:25, 153 bpm
    Cool down + sprint: 3:34, 157 bpm, 668W

After the second tempo effort, I had to stop while Todd pumped up my back tire. I'd been hearing a noise that was like a deep clicking, which I could actually more feel than hear, while I'd been riding, and it almost felt like I was riding on a tire with a bulge in it. Quite a strange feeling on a trainer! Todd checked it during that tempo effort and said just keep riding until it went flat, then we'd have to change the tube (another girl had a flat tire earlier in the class and he'd given her his spare wheel). It ended up not being flat, just low, so we just pumped it up and I continued.

Once the workout was done, I headed to Inversion to listen to Christopher Yuan tell his story about God rescuing him and saving him and then delivering him from sin. Pretty amazing. Read his book here. Watch his story here.

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