Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2000 Miles

Well, I couldn't take a complete rest day today. I was 18 miles away from reaching 2,000 miles total swim/bike/run from December 1 through February 29, and I couldn't stop at 1,982 when 2,000 was within my reach! So I rode 18 miles on the trainer for a total of 633 bike miles in February. And it felt so good to accomplish that nice round number!

I was keeping track of Dec-Feb mileage for a USA Triathlon competition with BEAT, our local triathlon club (Brentwood Endurance Athletic Team). Here are my overall input results from that competition:

Details for Brentwood Endurance Athletic Team : All Sessions
NameSwim (actual)BikeRun (actual)Total (actual)
Kailin 60 (6)1794600 (200)2454 (2000)

Swim miles were weighted 10:1. Bike miles weren't weighted. Run miles were weighted 3:1.

My overall miles put me 4th of 44 behind my Team Belladium teammate Anna (2,745 miles) and two guys (2,489 and 2,217). I don't think I win anything by being in 4th, but it was definitely a fun competition.

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