Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Ravi Zacharias quoted this on this morning's Just Thinking program, and I had to share:

When I tell you that God loves you, and then I tell you that I love you, it's the same word but it has a different implication.

When I love you and you refuse to love me, I hurt because I have lost something. When God loves you and you refuse to love Him, God hurts too; God hurts because you have lost something.

I got some fun things in the mail yesterday:

Dear Kohl's, Thanks for reminding me that
I'm not married. Or engaged. But you still
are sending me wedding wishes. How kind.

Dear Pepsi and Publix, Thanks for making
my day by sending me a surprise Publix GC!

Thank you, I Heart Publix, for telling me about the sweeps that I won the GC from. Off to do some grocery shopping!

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