Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CompuTrainer Class: Maximizing Aerobic Capacity III

Year 27 blog

This is different enough from last week that it gets a new graphic and a new list:


  • Total: 1:25:00, 150 bpm (173 max)
  • Warm up: 14:40, 104 bpm
  • Warm up: 16:00, 150 bpm; 4min rest, 143 bpm
  • Tempo #1: 20:00, 168 bpm; 3min rest, 156 bpm
  • Tempo #2: 20:00, 165 bpm; 3min rest, 149 bpm
  • Tempo #3: 4:20, 162 bpm

I didn't have time to complete the entire workout and thus stopped during the first quarter of the last tempo effort and missed the sprint. This week was easier than last week, and my average HR shows that (157 bpm Tuesday, 156 bpm Thursday, and 150 bpm today). It still was a good workout, it just wasn't really very hard.

The rest of my workout was a 15 min run and 3x30 sec heavy/weights, but I changed thing up just a bit. I found an unused stationary bike at the CSY and spent 30 minutes there warming up. Then within a minute I was outside for the 15min run (actually 15:30, 2mi, each was about 7:45, which I'm pretty happy about considering it's my first run off the bike in what felt like a year and I had lots of traffic and a light to deal with). And instead of Will's iso workout, I went to the body pump class. I used the same weight as normal (one 5kg plate on each end of the bar), and it about killed me. I didn't realize how tired I was until I started that workout! But, I stuck with it and was glad I did--it always feels good to finish something and to finish it well. Running route:

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