Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Publix GC

Since I got such a nice gift card in the mail yesterday, I went to Publix today to get some groceries. And because I feel like sharing, here is what I purchased and for how much and then how much I saved; there are some great sales on produce this week at my favorite grocery store:

Item; Quantity
Regular Price
Sale Price; Coupon
Final Price
Eat Smart veggies; 82.501.008.00 (great deal!)
Lettuce heads; 21.791.492.98
Cantaloupe; 13.292.502.50
Bananas; 2.14lb0.59/lb----1.26
Strawberries; 2lb5.983.293.29
Publix ground beef; ~1.3lb3.99/lb----5.07
Publix oats; 13.39----3.39
Publix ketchup1.391.191.19
No Yolks pasta; 12.391.89; 0.80 MQ1.09
Ronzoni pasta; 21.690.8451.69
Classico pasta sauce; 32.991.50; B2G1 MQ2.99
Publix eggs; 2 dozen1.69----3.38
Wrigley’s gum; 13.491.751.75
Pampers diapers; 110.999.49; $2 PQ, $2 MQ5.49
Items: 26
80.38 (4.04 tax) 48.11; $25 Publix GC23.11, ~$0.89/item

So basically, I paid $23.11 out of pocket for $80.38 worth of groceries, saving ~70% for food that will be good for me and last me a while. However, I will be going back for more veggies before this sale ends. These bags last usually at least a week, and they are so easy—pop them in the microwave to steam them or open up the bag and eat them raw. It’s a great way to get in plenty of vegetables. Though I did laugh when I noticed on the bag that it says “Serves 4”; little do they know that some of us can eat a whole bag in one sitting! However, I figure this is better than eating a pint of ice cream in one sitting, which I can easily do. Sad.

Once I got home, I took care of everything as much as possible, cutting up the cantaloupe and strawberries to freeze them for smoothies, making a box of pasta with a jar of sauce and a bag of broccoli (yum supper!), browning the beef and making sloppy joes (and then measuring it out into separate plastic containers so that it is already ready for lunches, and putting the diapers in my pile for my sister and nephew. It seemed to take forever, but it feels so good to have food in the fridge, extra in the freezer, and a clean kitchen in the middle of the week. The only slightly better way to spend a rest day in my opinion would be a nice hike. I could go for Radnor Lake (another) or Percy Warner Park or Camelback Mountain right now!

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