Sunday, October 23, 2011

Team Belladium Post-Season Party

Lisa C, Lisa S, Jonell, Val, Shelly, Catherine, Parri (front row)
Me, Cali, Todd, Lee, Kat, Anna (back row)

My workouts this week went OK, but I was exhausted all week. So I wasn’t expecting much from today’s run. Surprisingly, it went better than I thought it would. I realized that it’s good for me to run with my HR monitor/GPS so that when I feel like I’m running super slow, I can just look down and see that I’m not running as slow as I think I am. Then I just tell myself that if I’m running at that speed when I feel terrible, I must be running really fast when I feel good! I did about 5 miles in about 40 minutes, just down and back (south) on Franklin Road.

Friday was a fantastic day. Amy and I got a lot done at work, and then I met Anna at Percy Warner for a hike on a beautiful day. The fall colors made the hike even more beautiful than normal, and the company made it amazing! Saturday, I got up early when it was still cold and met Kat for a nice 2-hour ride. I hadn’t ridden outside in a while and hadn’t seen Kat in longer, so it was wonderful. Saturday night after church, I met all my Team Belladium teammates (and their SOs) and Todd went out to Parri’s house for our post-season party and tables of Parri’s amazing cooking and baking. I got a sweet little gift from Todd (with help from Anna and Val), and here’s what the other ladies got:
  • Anna: a memory-foam seat cover for whichever one of the saddles she decides works for her
  • Cali:Bike Mechanics 101 book (or something similarly titled)
  • Catherine: a Team Belladium redshirt
  • Jonell: pom pons for her cheering role next year
  • Kat: a Climbs Like a Mountain Goat shirt
  • Lee: Pledge wipes for her new bike
  • Lisa C: a homemade voodoo doll
  • Lisa S: goggles and shoelaces for her tris
  • Parri: a cougar
  • Shelly: Icy-Hot to help her warm up for the week-night races she had trouble making it for
  • Val: jump rope

Todd gave me a tiara (half of which really should go to Valerie!) 

We got Todd a few gift certificates (for a massage, for a car detailing, and for Mellow Mushroom) and a trophy for his pizza-eating contest win back at one of our races (can’t remember which one right now).

Sunday, I got up to run, went to Farkas’ for some football, and played softball. My first 2 at-bats, I hit right to Kristin and Tarah, but the rest of them were much better and I actually got on base the rest of the time.

Stats from the ride: 31.27 miles, 2:01:00, 15.5 mph (36.0 max), 160 HR (188 max), 1942’ ascent, 2043’ descent
Stats from the run: 4.93 miles, 41:24, 8:24 pace (5:51 best), 174 HR (190 max), 529’ ascent, 511’ descent

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