Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ironman World Championships 2011

Pro swim start

Dad finishing the swim

Dad starting the run

Mom, Allison, and me waiting for Dad while he was on the bike

Dad finished!

This day was fabulous. First, Dad finished. Then, besides it being hot but cloudy, we enjoyed tracking (and possibly stalking) the pros, cheering Dad on, and more. Allie had her iPad with her, so we always know what was going on, even when we couldn't see them. Though we saw them a lot. Mom and I were on the pier during the swim, so we knew who came out of the water together and started the ride together. Then we read updates about what they were doing on the bike. Then we saw them come back into town on the bike while we were waiting at mile 11 of the run. More tracking, more waiting, then we saw the helicopter(s) and finally saw the runners as they went past. it was amazing to see Chrissie come from many minutes down to win the women's race and Craig Alexander to put together a solid race to win the men's race. Chrissie is very inspirational--she is in it to win it, and she proved that. She might not (and doesn't) have the fastest swim, the fastest bike, or the fastest run, but she puts together the fastest, most solid race to win it all. Amazing.

After Allie and I finished at our aid station, we went down to get some food and wait for Dad to come in off the bike. We then went to watch him at a couple places on the run, and after he passed us around mile 9, we went to take care of his bike and transition bags. Then, because I had a bike, I found him out on the run course and rode next to him on the dark, lonely Queen K highway from around mile 12 to mile16. From miles 16 through 20, they run through the Energy Lab and only athletes are allowed. After he came out, I stayed with him most of the way through mile 25 before hustling to the finish line. We all watched him finish, I took care of the bike, Dad got some food, we waited for him to talk to some friends and get a massage, and we finally headed home. It was a long day, but so much fun!

I so want to do this race. I don't know when, but I will do it sometime, hopefully soon.

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