Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Swim

I had forgotten it is a holiday today. We didn't get the day off, and I drive to work early enough that there's never any traffic on the road and thus no less when it's a federal holiday. However, I was reminded as soon as I stepped foot in the DHY—there were so many kids around! The pool was full too, but I was committed to the workout I think I was supposed to do today: 16×25@10sec rest, 400@20sec rest, 16×25@10sec rest. I did a 150 warm up and cool down for a total of  1500 yards. I thought I was keeping track of each 25, and although my watch is telling me there are 69 different laps, it's only letting me review the first 30. So I know total swim time (31min), the first 150 (2:26), and the first 14×25 (21.29) plus rest. Each of the remaining 18 25s was below 22 seconds and at 21.xx something (I can't remember everything and was trying to rely on my watch, but I didn't know it wasn't recording reviewable data), so I'm pretty happy with a consistent workout.

The afternoon workout was a good amount of time on the step mill (5.5 miles). This is my crit simulation workout, and Todd just emailed us today about a race on March 4 that he wants us to add to the calendar. Since my plan is to step up my game this year, I am going to get myself ready for a hard crit early in the season!

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