Saturday, September 8, 2012

NashVegas Triathlon

Before the swim

Today was so much fun. Last year I’d volunteered at the NashVegas Triathlon and got a free entry, so Anna and I decided to do the Olympic distance as a relay team. She was going to do the swim and run, and I was going to do the bike and possibly run with her (with her wearing the timing chip).

Our distance started at 7:45, and the female wave went off just before 8, so once Anna started I had about 25 minutes to wait. I grabbed my stuff that I’d previously put in transition and ran it up to my car; it was starting to rain, and I wanted it to stay mostly dry. Although I knew I’d get wet as soon as I started to ride, I waited under a tent just outside of the transition area and watched for her to run up. I jumped on my bike and started the 24-mile ride in the rain. It rained nearly the entire time, but I could see that the sky was beginning to clear and hoped that it might be dry for the run.

Starting the bike leg

The bike course was great. We had a 5-mile-or-so out-and-back section on a highway and then turned off into the country. There was about a 1-mile climb and a lot more up-and-down throughout the entire course. I got passed by a few and passed many more, including the dozen or so I passed within the first mile.

Finishing the bike leg

By the time I returned to transition (actually, before I even left transition), I was a soaking wet mess but feeling good. I passed the chip to Anna and stopped to chat with Valerie for a second. I caught up to Anna but wasn’t able to keep her pace, so I just ran behind her.

Anna running strong...and it was dry!

When she turned around I did too, thus the run distance being shorter than 10K. Surprisingly, my run was much faster than I expected and I felt much better than I expected—thus the pleasantness of the race in general.

After the race...dry and happy!

It did end up clearing up and we had a fairly dry run, and the sun came out while they gave out the awards. Anna and I finished in 2:32:32, 2nd in our division (Female Relay).

Race number, t-shirt, medal, and results
We also won a door prize (socks, Body Glide, and more)

Swim: 29:38
T1: 00:47
Bike: 1:12:48, 24.21 miles, 20.1 mph (39.0 max), 172 bpm
T2: 01:10
Run: 48:09, 5.92 miles, 8:16 pace, 174 bpm (M1 – 7:36; M2 – 8:14; M3 – 8:41 turnaround; M4 – 8:07; M5 – 8:42 walked up the hill to stay behind Anna; M5.92 – 7:32, 8:12 pace)

Anna, Val, and I chilled for a while after the race. We all knew quite a few people there and chatted a bit. Then I came home for a nap!

Honestly, this was probably the most fun I’ve had at a triathlon. Granted it’s been a year since I’ve raced one so maybe my memory’s a little off, but because there wasn’t a lot of pressure I was able to just enjoy it.

Friday night Lauren, Bennett, Aunt Renee, Uncle John, and I went to see Much Ado about Nothing at Centennial Park, and we also went to a Greek Festival beforehand for dinner.

The stage in Centennial Park

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