Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Monday it rained all day and I ended up at the DHY at lunch for 400m sprints with ISO lunge and 1-minute handcycle with ISO push up. The track at that Y is less than ideal--20 times around equals 1 mile, and it is quite banked and interestingly hilly. Or rolling. It's strange. I'd only been up there once and had forgotten how odd it was. But, it was better than running in the rain, and it was what I needed. I timed only my 4th of 4 sprints, and it was about 1:40. Outside I'm closer to 1:30, so this was definitely a different sort of challenge.

Tuesday I went for a short run from work at lunch.

Now that it is cooler outside, I can run at lunch and not feel too bad about not showering (baby powder is amazing!). This took me just about 26 minutes, and then I walked an additional 0.66 miles to make 4 total. Considering how windy it was and how hilly it is, I was OK with this time. However, if I can get down to 24 or faster, I will be thrilled!

Today Anna and I went for a run through Edwin Warner Park.

This is pretty close to our route. We ran 6 minutes and walked 1, for about 49 minutes. The goal was to do 6 sets, 42 minutes, but I was not smarter than my watch today. Although it did beep for the intervals, it only worked after I started the timer (which took me about 5 minutes to remember). Also, it definitely counts better than I did today because I'd set it for 5 and didn't realize when we were on the last one. Oh, well, it was a GREAT run.

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