Sunday, September 16, 2012

Running, Riding, and Shopping

Friday was mostly a rest day (6-mile walk), and then Lauren and I went shoe shopping (unsuccessful) and met Aunt Renee and Uncle John for dinner at Brixx in Cool Springs. I had never been there before and really liked the pizza.

Shannon, Kat, Shelly, me, Lee, Valerie, Parri, and Anna

Saturday night was my teammate Lee's husband's birthday party, and she organized a big party for him at a barn out in Leipers Fork. Most of us Belladium ladies were able to make it, and we enjoyed an evening of good music and conversation, and some food. Hooray for country parties!

Saturday before the party I went to Publix. There were only a few things I wanted that were on sale, so I got the following:

Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Hormel sides (2)3.99
2 x $1/1
Almond Milk3.49
$1/2 MQ4.00
Dressing (2)3.39
$1/2 MQ$2.39
Larabars (6)1.25
--2 x $1/3 MQ
2 x $1/3 PQ
Milky Way bars (2)0.99
--B2G1 MQ1.98
Totals: 18 items$57.50--15.49 in Qs
14.88 in sales
+$2.41 tax
$27.33 total
(saved $30.37,
or 52%)

My math might be a little off because I don't have the entire receipt with me. The totals are correct.

Saturday morning I ran a great 11 miles. I didn't really know what to expect from myself and started out at (and maintained) a slightly slower pace than I had been running on shorter runs, but I ended up with an 8:35/mile average and no trouble physically or mentally, so it was a success.

Sunday Anna, Kat, Parri, Val, Kat's husband Jay, and I all got in a great 45-mile ride. It was great, but it was very hard as well.

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